Well... now I only have a few hours left before I go to Greece and I said I wanted to give you an update so here we go... (except I don't have all the pics at this computer, so I'll give them to you later when I come home)

The day after we finished school me, Johanna, Sofia and Angelica decided to go to the studentparty even though we have not gratuaded (me and Johanna supposed to, but we went an extra year)
We started the night at Johanna's and I felt pretty calm and not to excited but when the bus came and we got on it, the partymode came with us.
There was a lot of happy students screaming that they're out from school and we joined the celibrating.
I met a lot of wonderful people that I haven't met in a long time and since the mode couldn't get any better for anyone, it was amazing!
It was a crazy night!
I was dancing so much so when it was time to go home, I couldn't...
My feet was hurting so much that I actually fell on the ground because of my 15cm high heels was killing me (stupid me)
Me and Johanna said that we'll have a hard time next year, trying to beat this amazing night.

The next day, Lojjan invited me to her fathers boat to party. Since we don't know how to sail we just sat in the boat, listen to good music and hanging out with a nice company.
I finally met Lojjans friend Leah, that I've heard so much about and I also met other people I haven't seen or heard about before wich was a lot of fun.
Me and Lojjan was taking a lot of photos and we really had a blast! Even though the night before was hard to beat I laughed as much that I haven't done in a long time.
Oh, I really like this girl, Lojjan :)
I'll give you a lot of cool pics on this one, you have my word.

From the first beginning, it was ment that me and Jannis would celibrate midsummer with my mother and her boyfriend and my grans, but then we heard that my little brother Daniel would come and then my uncle and his his girlfriend Sara, my mothers boyfriends doughters and we're all in the same age which made this midsummer one of the best ever in my life.
My uncle is only 22 years old, like Jannis. Henkas (my uncle) girldfriend Sara and I have known eachother our whole life and she's really great! I became so happy when they told us they'll be there so we went with them in the car. The weather was pretty nice and we drank some bear and me and Jannis drank pink panthers all night long and then we're headed to a park were it was a big party.
All of us, including my little brother and two other folks from Gothenburg came with us and we danced a lot.
It was really fun.
At the end of the party we realized that we'll had to walk 1,3mile to come home, that was a jurney too...
I'll give you some nice pics from this too later.

For three weeks I worked at the firestation, learning kids how to react when there's a fire.
The best job I ever had.
I met some nice people that also was working there too and I really miss my job as a teacher.
The very last day the most funny thing happened, to start with we took A LOT of water that we almost drown our "big" leader in and then all of us that worked there started to have a waterwas which ended with everyone extremly wet.
As a finish we drove a car, a very special car, when you turn to the left the car goes to the right and vice versa, this ended with a girl driving down a ditch and I have never ever laughed as much as I did when I was aware of that no one was hurt...
Unfortunately I can't give you pics from this because all of them is now at the firestation.

From the first beginning we're supposed to go out together with Lojjans friends Leah and Elin but since Elin was not so happy with the fact of getting pink hair she did not feel for a girls night out wich I completely understand.
Since there was Spain VS Germany in the World Championship in soccer, there was very important for me to get to the city as soon as possible to watch the game. In halfgame we sat our asses down at Biljard9an, finally, but now we were only down to two of us - me and Lojjan.
Later when the game was over, we went to a club by name Ankan.
This night I also met a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time. I miss people I no longer have a contact with. During the time I played soccer and floorball I got to meet this people every week, but now it's like almost never...
We danced all night long.
Good night, grate night!
A nice finish it had too!
Lojjan asking a creepy guy that we thought followed us for a minute but actually he was following some other girls "What did you do with the girls?"
This is something we can laugh to for an eternity.
I spend my night at Lojjans place cause I was getting up urly to work the day after.


Well... where to start at this one?
In the middle of nowhere, we were like 12-20 people celebrating Cattis 18th birthday.
This weekend was very near perfect, the only thing missing - Lojjan and Johanna.
Most of the time I spent with Angelica, Frida and Carro and this girls are incredible. We danced we sang, we drank, we laughed, we chilled, we played, we did everything.
I came there at friday afternoon and went home at 02.00.
The day after I came back with some "equipment" to continue a really beautiful weekend.
So, with this I would also (a little late) like to say another happy birthday to a dear friend Cattis and I hope you'll have a great year!

Since a picture can say more than a thousand words...

This was pretty much it...
I still want to show some more pics but since I yesterday bought a new computer all my pics is still on my old one.
It's me and my baby Jannis little babyboo wich one we've named Bäbben :)

Now I'll just fix my nails and then OFF WE GO!
If you haven't heard I'm going with my wonderful boyfriend to Greece for three weeks!
The mainthing on this trip is that me and my lovely babe will spend every single day togehther, away from Karlstad. I'll miss a lot of people, my family in perticular. But some shit that actually comes in the same package as Karlstad it'll be a relief to be away from.


A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

(there's not as many funny ways to say hello in english as there is in swedish)

It feels like I've never got the time to write here nowdays, wich is sad because I really love to do that...

I really hope I'll have the time to write about all the funny things I've been up to so far this summer (my last summerbreak actually) but I just have a couple of more days before I go to Greece for three weeks and until then I have a lot to do! To start with I work everyday from 12-21 which sucks! I really want to se my wonderful friend Lojjan before I go, or actually I have to!
And there's a lot of other people I'd like to see too!

Well well...
Tomorrow me and Jannis are going to buy a minipc, so we can watch movies and listen to music on our way to paradise.

Now I have to work!
I'll keep in touch!


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